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Perth Marketing Company Founder Ryan Hough

All the big Perth Web Design Companies have fancy offices, branded cars and lots of web designers on staff. Get a quote from them and I’ll design your website for 50% less.

Wordpress Web Design 

For 50% Less Than The Agencies

All the big Perth Web Design Companies have fancy offices, branded cars and lots of web designers on staff. All these overheads make them inefficient and expensive. I don’t have any overheads at all as I work from home. Get a web design quote from any of Perth’s web design agencies and I’ll beat their price by 50%.

Why Choose Ryan To Design Your Website

The web design agencies make claims like, “we’ve been in business for 11 years” or “we’ve built over 1000 websites”. But think about these claims for a second… Just because the business has been around for 11 years……doesn’t mean your web designer has been building websites for 11 years. You could get a graduate fresh out of university. When you choose me you really do get someone that has been building websites for a long time.

Yup, I started in the early 2000’s. So if you want a guarantee that you’ll be working with someone with extensive experience then call me.

What Can You Expect From My Web Design Service

It goes without saying that you can expect stunning web design…

…a website that makes a great first impression with beautiful branding.

But most importantly you can expect your website to be designed to convert visitors into customers.

What Other Web Design Benefits Do You Offer

Stunning web design is a given…but what else makes a great website?

Why Your Website Needs Great Hosting

Bad web hosting means lots of downtime, poor security and a slow loading website. I’ll host your website on secure, scalable and fast VPS servers in the closest location to your customers. This means your site will be protected against hackers, there’ll be very little downtime and it will be lightening fast.

Why You Need A Fast Loading Website

There’s a stat that says 40% of visitors won’t wait for your website to load if it takes longer than 3 seconds. So for 4 out of 10 people, it really doesn’t matter what your site looks like. Because they’re not going to hang around to find out. Therefore, every Perth web design company should be optimising their client’s website to load in under 3 seconds.

In addition to hosting your site on fast servers, I make a number of customizations to ensure your website loads in under 3 seconds.

Why You Need Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Many Perth Web Design companies create great looking websites… but once the website is live that’s the last you’ll hear from them.

Software (mainly WordPress) used to create websites is periodically updated. Failing to update you software to the latest version is a security risk.

According to wpscans.com, over 59% of websites are hacked due to outdated software. Who will be making regular backups to your website?

If it’s hacked, will you be able to restore it to a clean version?

Who is going to help you if you want to make changes to your website?

For a small fee you can get my continued ongoing support. Remember I live in Perth and you’ll be able to call me directly on my mobile.

Features of My Wordpress Web Design Service

  1. I use WordPress to design websites. It’s the most common content management system (CMS). WordPress makes it really easy for you (or me if you’d like ongoing support) to add new content to your website.
  2. Every website I build is mobile optimised. Today this is more important than ever before. There are currently more mobile devices than desktop. In fact, over 60% of your website visitors could come from mobile. Needless to say if your website is not mobile friendly then your mobile visitors won’t hang around.

Perth Website Design and SEO

Spending a lot of money on a fancy new website means nothing without traffic.
Besides web design my other passion is SEO. Most of the big agencies lock you into long term SEO contracts.I don’t do that.You can check out my SEO service page for more details. However, the great thing about getting me to build your website for you…… is that I’ll also setup all your SEO!

Adwords and Social Media

SEO is a long term play. The agencies may inform you of this – or not. I highly recommend all businesses start with Adwords and Facebook Ads. These services can drive immediate traffic to your website. If done right you can actually target people searching for your products or services.You can check out my Perth Adwords and Social Media service page for more details.

Websites for Small Businesses in Perth

If you're a small business, you almost certainly don't need a web design agency. Web design agencies are more suited to medium to large business that can afford their fees. Small businesses should look to hire a freelancer, like myself.

You'll certainly get a lot more for your money.

To help attract new customers, small businesses need a few key things on their websites.

  • Prominent contact details.
  • Great images that show off their service, team and offices etc
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Fast loading pages
  • Well written product or service pages

Web stores for Ecommerce

You don't need a web agency if you would like an online store. It's much cheaper to hire a freelancer.
I can help you setup any type of e-commerce store.

For an effective store you'll need:

  • Great product images and descriptions
  • A way to accept payments
  • Product categories
  • An SSL certificate

Website for Charities and Professional Organisations

I'd love to be able to offer wed design to charities for free. But being a freelancer I simply can't afford to. But what I can promise charities is that I'll design their websites very cheaply.

Simply contact me with your best quote and I'll beat it by at least 50% - probably more.

What to Expect; My Wordpress Web Design Process

Check out the processes of the large web design agencies. Compare their process to mine.
I think you'll find my process many times more efficient.

1. Collaboration

  1. We'll get on the phone and discuss your expectations and requirements. Or assuming you're based in Perth, we could meet in person.
  2. But before we speak I'll ask you to do some homework. Simply find 2-3 websites that you like.

2. Demonstration

  1. I'll get to work building a demo website. Once that's ready to go I'll ask for your input. If you like it but want some tweaks… that's normal and I'll get right on them.
  2. If you hate it, I'll start again. If I can't produce something that you like then you get to walk away. The risk is completely on me.

3. Launch

  1. Once you're happy with the demo site you have a choice. You can either host your new website with me. If you choose this option, we have to change some settings with your domain register. And your site will be good to go soon afterwards.
  2. If you want to host your site somewhere else. I'll need the login details so we can transition your new site across.

4. Ongoing support, maintenance and marketing

Once your site is launched it's important you keep it up to date & secure.

  • That means adding new content.
  • Updating the software.
  • Making regular backups.
  • To get benefit to it you'll need to drive traffic to it.

For an ongoing monthly fee I will keep your site updated and make regular backups. I'll also add new content.

To get traffic to your site check out my Perth SEO, Adwords and Facebook advertising options.

Why Pay More for Web Design?

Have you got 3 quotes from Perth Web Design Agencies? Send me the best one and I'll beat it by 50%.