Top On Page SEO Factors

Case Study: Improve Your Rankings, Determine The Top 10 On Page SEO Factors In The Next 60 Minutes 

Today I'm going to show you exactly how to determine the top 10 on page SEO factors in the next 60 minutes. 

I was able to watch a video and figure this out and if I can do it then anyone can.

I've decided to call this method the "Rankings Through the Roof" method as it was created by Kyle Roof! 

How I Used the Ranking Through the Roof Method To Determine The Top 10 On Page SEO Factors in 60 Minutes

​For many years I relied on Gurus telling me what I should be doing to rank in the search engines. 

But the fact is that the Gurus haven't scientifically proven what they're teaching is accurate.

So when I watched Kyle Roof explain how to setup a test that gives scientific results, I was hooked.

I was literally able to take what he taught and set up a test that showed me the top 10 on page SEO factors.

No more guessing.

Google telling me exactly what I needed to do with on page SEO.  ​

​So this is exactly how to determine the top 10 on page SEO factors, step by step:

1. Objective:​

​Every test needs and objective. 

So in this case the objective is... "To determine the top 10 on page SEO Factors".

2. Test Setup:​

To setup a test that is scientifically accurate you first have to find a keyword that isn't in Google's database. 

​Use to help you find such a keyword.

When you find a keyword that isn't in Google you should see the following:

Finding keywords for testing using soybomb

​On your test site, use a plain wordpress theme and make sure you use pages rather than posts.

Get rid of footer links, widgets etc

These can all distort your test results.

The page itself should have 600 or so words.

Use a lorem ipsum generator. ​

Make sure you choose: Don't start with lorem ipsum to avoid duplicate content issues.

Lorem ipsum generator used in on page seo testing

​The key with any SEO tests is to isolate a single variable. 

So if you were testing the Meta Title tag, you would put the fake keyword in the meta title tag and nowhere else. ​

This test needs thirteen pages to test the following factors:

  • Meta Title Tag
  • Meta Description Tag
  • Meta Keywords Tag
  • URL
  • H1 Tag
  • H2 Tag
  • H3 Tag
  • H4 Tag
  • 2% Keyword Density
  • Bold text
  • Italic Text
  • Image Alt Tag

​Once all the pages are published in Wordpress, head over to Google Webmaster Console. 

Fetch each page and submit to the index.

Pages should index immediately.

Once they do you'll start to see how Google is ranking each factor.

All in all this test should take about 60 minutes.

3. Test Results:​

​So I'll give you 60 minutes to run this test and then you can come back and compare results. 

Still here :-)

​Well without further ado, here are the top ten on page SEO factors according to my test results:

  1. ​Meta Title Tag
  2. 2% Keyword Density
  3. H1 Tag
  4. URL
  5. Bold Text
  6. H4 Tag
  7. H3 Tag
  8. H2 Tag
  9. Italics
  10. Image Alt Text

​Both the meta description tag and meta keywords tag do not display. 

4. Analysis:​

Firstly, you maybe skeptical that this is a legitimate way of testing on page SEO. 

That's completely normal. 

But the fact is that this test has been performed by 3-4 people independently and the results are always the same.  

Therefore you can be confident that you can use the above list to optimize your webpages for on page SEO. 

Of interest is the fact that the meta description and the meta keyword tags didn't index, proving that Google has stopped using these. 

The Ranking Through the Roof Method:

Well that's all there is to the ranking through the Roof method

Use this test to determine the top on page SEO factors in just 60 minutes. 

And watch your ranking shoot through the Roof. 

This page is the subject of another test we're running over at the SEO intelligence agency.​

If you'd like to learn more about this SEO test, click this link.