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Perth Performance Based Google Adwords Management For Small Businesses

Perth Marketing Company Founder Ryan Hough

The Perth Adwords Agencies base their Google Adwords management pricing on monthly ad spend. They'll take 10-20% of your Adwords advertising budget. So they're incentivised to spend more. This isn't a great deal for small business. I prefer to be paid on performance, rather than how much is spent. I'll never charge based on a percentage of Ad spend.When you get in touch we'll discuss your specific business goals and targets and I'll tailor my pricing based on what you want to achieve.

Why Google Adwords™ Advertising?

Google Adwords allows you to tap into highly qualified traffic.These are people using the search engines to find the products and services you offer. With Google Adwords, you can:

  • Show Ads at the top of the search engine results
  • Get your Ads up and running almost instantly
  • Adjust and change your Ads in real time
  • Set your daily budget
  • Pinpoint exactly who you want to target.

For e-commerce transactions you can track exactly which Ads have resulted in sales and determine your ROI. 

How Google Adwords Management Works?

Perth Marketing Company Founder Ryan Hough

Google Adwords™ is a pay per click advertising platform. Pay per click simply means you pay every time someone clicks on your Ad.

Adwords management involves bidding on keywords. The higher you bid the higher your Ad will show. Generally Ads are shown on top of the search engine results.

Adwords allows you to set a daily budget.The cost of advertising through Google Adwords is paid to Google. 

When you hire a Google Adwords certified consultant, they'll charge you a management fee.This fee covers managing this process on your behalf and is on top of the Ad spend.

Most of the Perth Adwords Agencies charge 10-20% of your Ad spend. I'm different in that I would prefer to setup an arrangement to be paid on performance. Please get in touch and we can discuss how this would work.

Why is Google Adwords Expensive?

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Google Adwords Perth & Small Business

Google Adwords is a powerful advertising solution for small business. It allows small business to get in front of people searching for the products and services they offer. But it's also easy to spend a lot of money on Google Adwords and get no tangible results.That's why many small businesses hire an experienced Google Adwords consultant, like me. I'm able to identify keywords that are likely to convert into leads and sales. And I'm able to keep costs to a minimum. Let me know if you'd like to hire me.

Google Adwords for Online Retail

Online stores are a perfect match for Google Adwords.That's because you can target product related keywords and send traffic to the exact product page. With Adwords & ecommerce you can measure your return on investment (ROI). And with retargeting you can follow folks around the web and send them back to the exact page they visited. The key to success with ecommerce is to find keywords that lead to sales. And then ensuring the revenue generated exceeds the cost. I'm good at putting these campaigns together. Let me know if you'd like to hire me.

Perth Marketing Company Adwords Management Process


Keyword research is the first and most important part of the Adwords Management process. It involves finding the words or phrases that people are using in the search engines. When I do keyword research, I focus on finding "buyer keywords". These are keywords that indicate the searcher is looking to buy a product or service. Buyer keywords are much more likely to result in leads and sales.

More Perth Online Advertising Options

  • GDN

Google Display Network

The Google display network is a huge network of websites that allow advertising. Google display network is an advanced advertising strategy best suited to medium to large companies or small businesses looking to expand. Setting up ads on Google display network is done through the Google Adwords platform.